Trinity, North Carolina`

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 4 - Closing Presentation

The charrette team presented the preliminary recommendations of the master plan to citizens and stakeholders on Thursday evening. Full of plans and illustrations, the proposals showed participants a glimpse of the preferred future of the Old Town area if the appropriate implementing tools are engaged.

The fundamental premise is the creation of a walkable village in the historic and cultural center of the community - at the old Trinity College campus. From this point, the plan envisions the infilling of the surrounding area with walkable neighborhoods lined with mixed-use corridors. The first century of Trinity was marked by the presence of Trinity College. The second century followed with the old Trinity High School and what would become the Braxton Craven School. Now, with the advent of public sewer and the potential growth that will come to the area as a result, the 21st century will be marked by the creation of a true walkable and readily identifiable place for the entire community.

First and foremost, the plan recommends that NC 62 be immediately renamed as Main Street to better connote this area as as community street rather than as simply a state highway that you drive-through along. A future park is contemplated on City-owned property to form the southern entrance to the village center. Complete with walking trails, a playground, a veteran's memorial, and open lawn areas for community festivals, this property will hopefully serve the community for generations to come.

Surrett Drive, while expected to remain as an employment center for the City, should be upgraded with sidewalks, landscaping, and some new design controls to improve the aesthetics of the buildings. New buildings should incorporate brick in their facades and landscaping in the front yards.

And, at the entrance to the Old Town area from the south at Hopewell Church Road, higher traffic commercial development can be designed in a manner that is both pedestrian-friendly and aesthetically pleasing without making significant changes to the typical site layout.

The plan, though visionary in its proposals today, can be achieved through careful direction of the town leader through its development ordinances and infrastructure investments. Most of the plan will be implemented by the private sector through coordinated private development applications. Only a few key public investments will need to be made to achieve the overall vision.

The complete presentation and booklet of drawings created during the charrette can be downloaded from the the links to the right.

From this point, The Lawrence Group team will finalize the recommendations and create design codes to guide development into the future. Additional material will be posted on this site in the coming weeks. Stay informed and engaged. the future is now!


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