Trinity, North Carolina`

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 1 - Reconnaissance and Strategy

At the beginning of each charrette our team spends the first day learning all about the area. This learning continues through the end of the charrette but the key is to identify the most important issues early. Today we discussed history and transportation. We also did a windshield survey of the "Old Town" area to help categorize the actual development opportunities. There are certainly a few, but there are not as many as some people think. Overall, like in so many other communities, the changes will likely be more surgical than comprehensive, though a proposed streetscape plan will make a big difference.

We suggested a realignment of Meadowbrook Drive to High School Drive that would not only improve congestion in the area but could also create an opportunity for a village green in the center of the community. That idea could have some legs and we'll investigate it more tomorrow.

We also created an overall strategy map - it's a way to throw a lot of ideas on paper that help to organize our other efforts.

And finally, we started to create detailed drawings for infill opportunities. Today's focus area was on parcels around the Mendenhall and NC 62 intersection. We illustrated how you can organize a new neighborhood and some mixed-use development that respects the topography and creates a wide range of housing opportunities.

On Tuesday, we will begin discussions about parks and recreation in the area as well as create more detailed drawings that will illistrate the development potential for this area in the next twenty years. Be sure to stop each day 5:30 pm to get a wrap-up of the day and help craft the future of Trinity.


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