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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 2 - Testing Ideas

As Day 2 wrapped our biggest hope is that we were able to enumerate most of the "sacred cows" in the community. Specifically, we wanted to know the highest priorities for places to save/preserve so that we could adequately plan for development/redevelopment opportunities. We identified the following sacred cows:

1. Bell Gazebo - The specific location is not as important as is the fact that it is in a place of prominence on the old campus site.
2. New Gazebo - Not location specific - could there be a more accessible location?
3. Old HS Gym on Braxton-Craven School campus - Constructed/paid for by the community, it includes a nice mural on the north side. The building is not architecturally significant but it is certainly has a lot of public sentiment tied to it.
4. 19th Century homes
5. Early 20th Century home
6. Desire to locate the Veteran's Memorial and the City Hall on the existing City property

We developed plans for the area near the interchange that included some infill housing as well as some light industrial and commercial development. Also today, the team posted up a variety of options for how to master plan the city property. Finally, at the center of everything were 3 options for the creation of the new Village Center in the heart of Old Town. Ranging from re-use of the Braxton-Craven School campus building to their complete redevelopment as mixed-use buildings, this area was clearly identified as the most important piece to the whole puzzle.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates. And don't forget the closing presentation on Thursday evening at 7 pm.


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