Trinity, North Carolina`

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 3 - Idea Refinement

As we completed the 3rd day of the charrette, the focus shifted from understanding the area and unearthing the key issues to the creation of fundamental approaches. Not surprisingly, the focus has been on how to stage the next evolution of the heart of the community, the old Trinity College campus (present Braxton Craven School). The premise is now that with the hopeful addition of growth in this area, we can expect more people and more potential needs for goods and services. Therefore, the 3rd century should be one in which the center is finally created.

This begins with the creation of a walkable core of shops, homes, civic uses, and a central green. From this point, amenities should emanate out to connect surrounding areas and destinations (neighborhoods, schools, the city park).

Today also included the preparation of illustrations to take the actual conditions of the area and show how new development can help dramatically alter the landscape of the area.

The final presentation of all of the team's recommendations will be on Thursday night at 7 pm. Attend and hear about how Trinity is preparing for the 21st century. And don't forget to bring a friend or three with you.


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